How To Improve traffic to your WordPress website

while making your WordPress looking good with a great Theme, choosing the perfect domain name and then making sure your WordPress website load fast – then you want your hard work will get some views and traffic – thus making you some well deserved revenue.

So how do you do that exactly? does the old saying – “if you built it they will come” does work?

The guys over at made a great blog post named
“Proven Ways to Improve Traffic of Your WordPress Blog ” and include some great tips to increase your blog traffic, lets look at some of the highlights:

There is no doubt that content is king, however, pages of seemingly endless texts and paragraphs tend to bore visitors. On the contrast, visual data is processed faster by the brain than text and has the potential to increase user retention on your website. Incorporating visuals like images, infographics, gifs, and videos into your posts and pages will help you attract a lot more attention and traffic and keep your visitors engaged along the way.

Website optimization is the key to getting more traffic. Using relevant keywords, image tags and descriptions will help you get featured on the first pages of search results and will ultimately bring more people to your website. If you’re not quite familiar with site optimization, give Yoast SEO a try. It will take proper care of your website optimization and help it get better rankings and more visitors.

Both advices above are crucial to get some visitors to check out your blog.
While having a well design WordPress theme (you can check out some cool themes here or here) is important, having really great content that your visitors will find valuable is the number 1 thing you need to take care of.

Learn how to write great blog posts  and make sure your visitors enjoy the content you bring them and feel it is “share worthy” and who knows , you next blog post could go viral – bringing your site thousands upon thousands of readers.