How to Hide WordPress Page From Google – Quick guide


Did you know that it is possible for one to hide a wordpress page from search engines such as the Google? Well, sometimes you may want to keep your content private so as to prevent it from being used by other users or if you only want certain people to access it and therefore you can always hide it without even affecting your sites and search engine optimization in general.

Let’s look at the methods that one can employ to hide his or her word press from Google.

1. Hide word press from Google using Yoast SEO.

This is the first method we are going to look at. It is suitable for people who are venturing into word press as it is quite easy as well. What steps can you follow?

First of all, install the Yoast SEO and activate it as well.

After you have successfully installed and activated the application, then edit the web page that you wish to hide. How? Scroll down to the Yoast engine optimized meta box which is located below the post editor and then press the Advanced setting button.

The advanced settings section enables you to add the Meta tag robots to your page, and with the tag robot, you can command the SEO not to follow an individual page, click on no index which is found next to robots index. After that click on no follow which is next to Meta robots follow and you are ready to go.

2. Using robots.txt file.

This method is quite sensitive and requires one to add correct information failure to which it can highly affect your SEO site. The robot.txt is a configuration file that allows a writer to add their word press web page to the root directory and hence you can direct the site to give instructions for search engine bots.

To edit robots.txt, you can either use FTP client or file manager option which are both found in your WordPress hosting c-panel.

For you to successfully use robots.txt, you have to add user agents option and Disallow:/ your- page / that allows you to target specific bots. For example, if you want to hide a page that you have saved using a given URL, type the user agent, for instance, your name. And on the disallow part type the URL you don’t want to be accessed, then save your work and upload the robots.txt file back to the server you are registered with.

3. Hide WordPress using the password.

This is a common method that people use to provide privacy. You can use a password on your phone and computer as well. When it comes to the WordPress, all you have to is instead of asking the search engines not to show your page, and you can save your work using a password such that the people who have the password are the only ones who can access your page. How can you set up a password? First of all edit the content that you wish to protect then click on the edit link which is next to visibility option, in the publish meta box. This gives you various options one of them being on how to protect your content using a password. Then type in your password and you are ready to go.